US Drone Strike In Kabul Killed Afghan Who Worked For American Aid Group – Reports

US Drone Strike in Kabul Killed Afghan Who Worked for American Aid Group - Reports

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 11th September, 2021) The US drone strike against an alleged Islamic State-Khorasan (banned in Russia) target in Kabul last month killed an Afghan who worked for a US aid group, the New York Times reported citing video evidence and interviews it conducted with the individual’s coworkers and relatives.

The report on Friday identified the target of the US drone strike as Zemari Ahmadi, an electrical engineer for the US non-governmental organization Nutrition and education International.

The US military may have mistakenly thought Ahmadi’s vehicle contained a bomb that would be used against American troops at the Kabul international airport after he was scene loading water containers for his home. Although the US military claims only three civilians were killed in the attack, the investigation found that ten members of Ahmadi’s family, including seven children, were killed in the strike.

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