Bear Attack Survivor Awaited Help For 20 Days In Siberian Taiga

Bear Attack Survivor Awaited Help For 20 Days in Siberian Taiga

KRASNOYARSK (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 26th November, 2021) A Russian hunter managed to survive a bear attack and wait for help for 20 days in the chilly Siberian taiga in the Yakutsk region, Interior Ministry said on Friday.

According to the regional department of the interior ministry, the 58-year-old man said that he was setting traps on October 31 when a frightened bear pounced on him. He sustained injuries that made it difficult for him to move but he managed to reach the hunting cabin of an acquaintance. There he left a note that said the attack left him unable to reach communication spots and that he would await help in his own hunting cabin, located 170 kilometers (105 miles) from the nearest village.

The note was not discovered until November 19, which is when the authorities were alerted and a rescue operation was launched the next day.

The hunter received first aid and was taken to a local township where he will recuperate. His condition is stable and the injuries turned out to be non-life-threatening.

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