Ramiz Raja Vows To Improve Infrastructure For Cricket In 2022

The PCB Chairman says that his aim to provide the best cricket infrastructure to this country in the New Year.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint /UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Jan 1st, 2022) Pakistan Cricket board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja said that they would improve infrastructure for the cricket in the country in 2022.

Ramiz Raja said that it was his aim in 2022 to provide the best cricket infrastructure to this country.

He said, “My aim in 2022 will be to provide best cricket infrastructure to this country,” adding that 2022 is a big year for all of them as cricket fans.

He said, “A lot challenges we have to deal with and I am really looking forward to it,”.

Talking about junior level cricket, the PCB Chairman once again emphasized its importance. “I will focus to lift cricket at the junior level because they are the asset of our system,”. He said that if they provided them ample opportunities, stars would come out of them.

He stated that it was the reason that he had decided to make a pool of junior players and gave them monthly stipend.

He also said that it would help them a lot moving forward.

The PCB chairman further said that they were going to built a state of the art stadium in Islamabad with a quality high-performance centre, adding that this statidum would facilitate them in the First Class and International matches.

Ramiz was happy with the increased value of Pakistan Super League (PSL) broadcasting rights and live streaming rights.

He added their brand PSL value had increased worldwide.

“ I am happy to see rapid rise in the value of PSL media rights that sold out in record amount,” Ramiz said.

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