Russian Embassy In Response To US Call To Withdraw Troops: Russia To Continue Drills

Russian Embassy in Response to US Call to Withdraw Troops: Russia to Continue Drills

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 11th January, 2022) Russia has the right to decide for itself where to deploy troops inside the country, and it will continue military exercises, the Russian Embassy said in connection with US Deputy Secretary Wendy R. Sherman‘s calls to withdraw troops from the border with Ukraine.

“We don’t understand the logic of @DeputySecState who states that Russia should ‘return its troops to barracks or tell the US what exercises are ongoing and what their purpose is’ while the United States doesn’t intend to discuss its troop levels in Europe with us,” the embassy said.

“It is our choice where and when to conduct military exercises on our national territory. We will continue to conduct them because it meets Russian security interests,” it said.

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