US Welcomes Kremlins Steps To Address Ransomware Emanating From Within Russia – Official


US Welcomes Kremlin's Steps to Address Ransomware Emanating From Within Russia - Official

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – 15th January, 2022) The Biden administration welcomes the Kremlin’s announcement that the Russian Federal Security Service took down the hacker group REvil that had targeted US companies and infrastructure, a senior administration official said.

“We welcome reports that the Kremlin is taking law enforcement steps to address ransomware emanating from within its borders,” the Biden administration official said in a telephone briefing.

Russia’s actions against REvil are very important and represents what the United States is looking for in the future, the official also said, adding that the administration expects Moscow to pursue legal action within its own system against the arrested hackers.

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